Summer Fun!

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Boiling Springs park

black and white short coat dog on green kayak
black and white short coat dog on green kayak

On warm summer days, there is nothing better than a float with family and friends. Take a day off of work and enjoy the water! Variety of options to drop off and pickup from leaves room for tight schedules.

Mineral springs is one of the BEST drop off points for floaters to float back down the the resort! While being a drop off point, it is an Awesome place to swim and hang out with friends.

The Boiling Springs being the neighboring park for our area creates a fun experience when wanting to check out springs and neighboring waters!

Mineral Springs


Our hometown park for family and friends to play friendly sports and enjoy the local town.

Licking Park



Being right across from Mark Twain National Forest leaves room for everyday hiking and Bike Riding. With multiple trails leading you to beautify sceneries and nearby water makes it a great place to go out and enjoy your hobbies!

With wineries nearby to test and enjoy on your stay near the Piney River! Satisfy your tastebuds on your vacation with some local winery beverages.



IF you perfer the outdoors camping then you can enjoy the wildlife experience with your own fire pit to enjoy. Make s'mores and tell campfire stories in mother nature.

A cookout with groups both LARGE and small, makes parties and get togethers fun and enjoyable for all. A nice wide porch and picnic table for everyone to sit and enjoy their BBQ cookout meals!


The Piney River has great variety of fish to catch while on the bank or in your craft floating the river. A few of the common fish are Small Mouth, Large Mouth, Rock Bass, Channel Catfish, Bluegill and more....!